About Bear Claw Sharpening

Bear Claw Sharpening uses only the highest quality abrasive technologies in belts, wheels, pastes and waxes. We are also trained and mentored under top sharpeners in the trade locally and nationally. This ensures you of shorter grinding times, lower heat, proper sharpening angles, and the lowest metal shrinkage processes available in the industry today.

At Bear Claw, there's no cutting corners
when it comes to quality craftsmanship
in servicing our customer's items.

Bear Claw Sharpening offers you convenient, affordable, quality edge service and repair. 
Nationwide service by mail order. Local service to Tucumcari, NM and surrounding areas.


About the Owner

Matt Morgan, President, Bear Claw Sharpening LLC

Matt Morgan

As a Journeyman Meatcutter, Matt Morgan has worked with knives daily for over a decade. Growing up on a small farm east of Calhan, CO, Matt started his sharpening career honing axes and mower blades as well as hunting and fishing knives for his family. Acquiring a meat cutting apprenticeship at Peterson Air Force Base, Matt was issued quality butcher knives and learned with military precision how to sharpen and steel his equipment by hand. However, when he first felt an edge sharpened using the equipment he now owns, he knew that edge was sharper than new, and sharper than anything he’d honed or used before....And he discovered a valuable craft and needed service to bring to you. Blending old word craftsmanship, excellent eye-hand skills, and a passion for fine detail with the latest technologies, Matt’s unique process fine-honeseach edge to razor perfection.

Contact Matt:  720-837-3516  (Text Only)  or matt@bearclawsharpening.com

Contact Sandy:  575-461-9830                                                                               

  Contact Rhonda:  303-601-9547  or service.bearclaw@gmail.com                      

Your item will be sharp enough to shave with! Please take great care in transporting and use.


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Our Service Commitment:
"Returned to you - sharper than new!"

Never A Dull Moment!

CAUTION! Handle with care. 
Bear Claw means business when we say, “Sharper than new!"

Bear Claw Sharpening: Combining old-world craftsmanship with the latest sharpening technology.
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Tool Tip of the Day:
Ceramic knives should not go in the dishwasher; they may be chipped or cause damage to other items.