Churches & Non-Profit Organizations

Bear Claw Sharpening gives back!

Does your 501c3 organization own knives, mowers, garden or hand tools, scissors or papercutters?

We'd like to help organizations that help others.

 * 10% Off Our Regular Service Pricing *

All we ask: please announce the services we're providing by newsletter, bulletin, email, web or Facebook. 
We'll leave a few cards in your knife drawers, office and/or shop.
This will notify your staff and volunteers to exercise care around freshly sharpened edges. 
Sharp tools save time and are safer to use overall. Win-win!

Silent Auctions, Events, Prizes & Fund Raising

We consider needs on a case-by-case basis and determine what it is we can do to best help - whether a donation of gift certificates or special pricing, providing networking connections, a small cash donation, and/or prayer.

Never a Dull Moment!

CAUTION! Handle with care. 
Bear Claw means business when we say, “Sharper than new!"

Bear Claw Sharpening: Combining old-world craftsmanship with the latest sharpening technology.
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Tool Tip of the Day:
Typical blade use causes microscipic dents and s-microscopicshaped waves along the edge. To properly care for your blade and re-align the edge, use a honing steel and oil. (Watch for Matt's training video.) This keeps the edge of the blade straight. Eventually realign curves can damage the knife to the point of nicks or chips. Worst case, there's permanent damage. Best case, significant metal shrinkage in restoration.