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Mail Order Service

Easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Ship your items:
    Wrap/cushion edges and good handles to protect during transit.
    Please bear in mind the safety of mail/shipping workers.
    May we suggest USPS Flat Rate Boxes for multiple items; weight doesn't matter!

     Itemize and insure your inventory - Bear Claw is not responsible for items lost in mailing process.

Ship to:

BCS c/o Matt Morgan
924 S. 2nd Street
 Tucumcari, NM 88401

Contact us:

  1. Let us know your contact information, email, # of items coming, and date sent.
    Please use our contact form to supply this information.

    2. We'll contact you upon receipt of your order, we will email an itemized invoice for services and return shipping.

     (Unless you give us other instructions, we will bill for and use the same shipping method and speed sent to us.)
  2. Pay invoice & receive return shipment:
    Upon receipt of payment, your items will be sharpened and returned to the address provided.
    Within 1-2 business days of receipt of payment, your items will be shipped to you.
    We'll email tracking information.

Please keep in mind that our turnaround time can be between 5-8 days.

Enjoy your sharpened items! Please use with care.

Commercial Contracts

Many businesses & organizations benefit from sharpening & edge repair on a monthly, quarterly or biannual schedule.

Restaurants * Lawn/Landscape/Construction Services * Hospitals/Living Centers/Schools * HOAs/Communities * Salons/Barbers/Groomers * Farms * Municipalities

 Contact us about your needs today!

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Gift Certificates

 Sharpening offers excellent value as a gift; an affordable luxury, appreciated for some time to come!

  Provide a professional edge makeover for a client's or loved one's kitchen, garden, or woodwork tools.

Use with our Nationwide Mail Order Service, instructions above.

 Good for our Nationwide Mail Order Service and Tucumcari, NM and surrounding areas.

Available in $5 increments, from $10 to $100, in gift-ready, quality envelopes.

EASY ORDERING - Contact us:

- Include the dollar amount of each certificate

- Tell us the name(s) of recipients if you'd like them added, also if you'd like your name printed as the giver.

- Complete USPS adresses to mail each certificate to, or instructions to mail them to you.

- Include your email address and phone number, in case we have questions.

We will email confirmation of your order and a Paypal bill. We'll mail on receipt of payment.

Regular Postal Delivery: allow 7-10 business days - no charge. 


We'll process as quickly as we can; please allow us 2-3 business days for processing, payment, printing, and mailing.

$7 extra for 2-3 day Priority Mail

 $22 Guarantees USPS overnight delivery

We will ship Holiday orders received after Dec. 20th, but can not assure delivery by Christmas Eve.   

Our Service Commitment:
"Returned to you - sharper than new!"

CAUTION! Handle with care. 
Bear Claw means business when we say, “Sharper than new!"

Bear Claw Sharpening: Combining old-world craftsmanship with the latest sharpening technology.
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Tool Tip of the Day:
Re-sharpened and repaired items SAVE MONEY & THE ENVIRONMENT
(Recycle & Re-use - Replace as a last resort)